10 Phrasal Verbs per la finale della Champions’ League

Preparatevi per la finale di Berlino imparandone dieci che si usano spesso nell’ambito calcistico

Chiunque voglia parlare un inglese da “Champions” non può non saper usare bene i phrasal verbs. Preparatevi per la finale di Berlino imparandone dieci che si usano spesso nell’ambito calcistico (e non solo). Ricordatevi che la strategia migliore per impadronirsi di questi verbi particolarissimi è collezionarne diversi esempi, anche perché la traduzione può cambiare a seconda del contesto. 


turn on (accendere)

If Messi turns on the magic, Barcelona are likely to win.


warm up (riscaldarsi)

Juve warmed upfor the final by winning the Italian Cup.


go all out to (fare del proprio meglio)

Xavi will begoing all out to win another Champions’ League medal in his last game for Barcelona.


hold on to (tenere, mantenere)

If Juve score first, I think they will hold on to their lead.


get away with (passarla liscia, farla franca)

It’s unlikely Suarez will get away with biting Chiellini again.


pull it off (riuscirci, farcela)

Many Juventus fans secretly think they can pull it off.


leave out (lasciare fuori)

With one eye on the Barcelona game, Juventus left several key players out of the league match against Napoli.


rule out (escludere)

You can’t rule out the possibility of the match going to extra time and penalties.


be broken up (essere devastato, avere il cuore infranto)

Inter fans won’t exactly be broken up if Juventus lose.


send off (espellere)

It’s not unlikely someone will be sent off.



Adesso provate a completare le seguenti frasi usando questi stessi verbi. Spetta a voi decidere la forma temporale da inserire.


1) UEFA have _______________________ the possibility of changing the kick-off time.

2) Players often get injured because they haven’t _______________________ properly.

3) It was a bad foul and he had already been booked so he was _______________________ .

4) When Barcelona _______________________ the style, they are one of the best teams to watch.

5) He’s such a great player that no manager would ever ________ him ________ of the team. 

6) No one thought we had a chance of winning but somehow we _______________________ .

7) The problem for FC Bari is that they have never been able to _______________________ their best players.

8) He _______________________ about not being picked to play in the final.

9) The referee let the other team _______________________ murder.

10) When teams don’t _______________________ to win, the supporters tend to get frustrated.


Soluzioni: 1) ruled out; 2) warmed up; 3) sent off; 4) turn on; 5) leave…out; 6) pulled it off; 7) hold on to; 8) was broken up; 9) get away with; 10) go all out