Body Language

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“Body Language”

A. Match each verb to an appropriate object:

1) bite…

2) blow…

3) cry…

4) drag…

5) grit…

6) point…

7) prick up…

8) raise…

9) take it on…

10) tear…

a) the chin

b) your ears

c) your eyebrows

d) your eyes out

e) your hair out

f) your heels

g) the finger

h) your nails

i)  your nose

j) your teeth


B. Check your answers below (Soluzioni: A), then decide which of the expressions describe what you might do in the following situations:

1) Criticising (perhaps judgmentally) someone else

2) Expressing surprise or disapproval

3) When you are extremely upset

4) When you are feeling nervous

5) Accepting loss or misfortune with courage and without complaining

6) When you are playing for time

7) When you have a cold

8) In a state of desperation or extreme anxiety

9) When you have to deal determinedly with pain or a difficult situation

10) When you hear something that arouses your interest.


C. Use the expressions to complete the following sentences (in some cases you will need to adapt the form  of the verb and/or the possessive adjective):

1) Have you got a tissue? I need to _________________________ .

2) A lot of business leaders are _________________________ as a result of the enormous damage the Brexit referendum result is starting to cause.

3) He always _________________________ when he is watching his team play.

4) It’s very easy to _________________________ but I think most people would have done the same in his situation.

5) Her dog died this morning and she has been _________________________ all day.

6) I really admire her: everything has gone wrong for her these last few months but she has just _________________________ and got on with it.

7) She _________________________ when she realised they were talking about her.

8) My feet were killing me on the last part of the hike but I just had to _________________________ and keep going.

9) The bank manager _________________________ when he heard what we were planning to use the money for but he approved the loan anyway.

10) While the rest of Europe is keen to start Brexit negotiations, the UK is in no hurry and is _________________________ .







1) bite your nails; 2) blow your nose; 3) cry your eyes out; 4) drag your heels; 5) grit your teeth; 6) point the finger; 7) prick up your ears; 8) raise your eyebrows; 9) take it on the chin; 10) tear your hair out



1) point the finger; 2) raise your eyebrows; 3) cry your eyes out; 4) bite your nails; 5) take it on the chin; 6) drag your heels; 7) blow your nose; 8) tear your hair out; 9) grit your teeth; 10) prick up your ears



1) blow my nose; 2) tearing their hair out; 3) bites his nails / cries his eyes out (if he supports Inter); 4) point the finger; 5) crying her eyes out; 6) taken it on the chin / gritted her teeth; 7) pricked up her ears; 8) grit my teeth; 9) raised his eyebrows; 10) dragging its feet