Crossword – The Vocabulary of Painting


1. A painter’s most basic tool.

4. A kind of art, often considered the opposite of figurative.

6. A tripod which holds a work that is being painted.

8. A work of art created by incising metal.

10. Paintings that depict scenery rather than people.



1. A board on which a painter mixes his/her colours.

2. Generic word for a picture or visual representation.

3. An adjective to describe scenery that is certainly not urban.

5. Cloths on which artists paint.

7. They very often feature in seascapes.

9. A greenish blue colour often used by painters.



Solution: 1A paintbrush; 4A abstract; 6A easel; 8A etching;10A landscapes; 1D palette; 2D image; 3D rural; 5D canvases; 7D ships; 9D teal.