Choose the most appropriate of the three alternatives:


1) Well, that about does it.

a) Finishing a job

b) Offering someone a drink

c) When you find the tool you need


2) Go ahead.

a) Telling someone to leave the room

b) Insisting someone help you

c) Telling someone it is okay to do something


3) You don’t mind, do you?

a) Accusing someone of indifference

b) Helping yourself to a chip from your friend’s plate

c) Asking whether someone remembers something


4) She doesn’t have a bean.

a) Describing someone very stupid

b) Explaining that someone is very poor

c) When it is obvious that someone doesn’t know the answer


5) I blew it.

a) After you have succeeded in something

b) Explaining that you have broken something

c) After you have wasted an opportunity


6) Beats me!

a)When you are unable to answer a question or explain something

b) Describing something you like very much

c) Referring to someone who has a powerful emotional effect on you


7)There’ll be hell to pay.

a) Warning that a restaurant bill will be very high

b) Predicting that someone will be very angry

c) Warning that a course of action will be extremely arduous


8)He’s very well off.

a) Referring to someone a long way from your current location

b) Describing someone in excellent health

c) Referring to someone rich


9)Let’s hope they don’t get wind of it!

a) When you are afraid that your food may have an unfortunate effect on your dinner guests

b) Expressing concern that an object might be thrown away

c) When you are worried that a secret might be discovered


10)That’s neither here nor there.

a) Describing something that you think lacks a clear identity

b) Replying to an observation you consider irrelevant

c) Expressing frustration about an object you can’t find


11) You’ve been led up the garden path.

a) Assuring someone that they have had more help than they perhaps deserve

b) Reminding someone that they have been treated especially well

c) Pointing out to someone that they have been deceived


12) Smart arse!

a) Replying to someone who is irritating you by displaying how clever they are

b) Expressing distaste for small city cars

c) Passing comment on a person you find attractive from behind


13) Fat chance!

a) When you are very sceptical about the possibility of something happening

b) Commenting on a great opportunity

c) Warning someone that the food they are about to eat may be high in cholesterol


14) He’s lost his marbles.

a) Describing someone who no longer seems to have any enthusiasm for life

b) Referring to a politician whose reputation has been damaged

c) Describing someone who appears to have gone crazy


15) Step on it!

a) Encouraging people to dance

b) Telling someone to move or to do something more quickly

c) Urging someone to stop doing something


16) It’s a rip-off!

a) Describing a dress you think is particularly beautiful

b) Referring to an item or service which is scandalously overpriced

c) Describing an incredibly wild party


Soluzioni: 1)a; 2)c; 3)b; 4)b; 5)c; 6)a; 7)b; 8)c; 9)c; 10)b; 11)c; 12)a; 13)a; 14)c; 15)b; 16)b