UK Travel Vocabulary Crossword

Uno speciale cruciverba per i momenti di pausa sotto l'ombrellone



1. You’ll need to plug your phone into one to charge it. (5,6)

6. Place on a train to put your bag. (7,4)

7. Stinging insect you should try to avoid. (4)

9. Collective name for the people working on a plane or boat. (4)

11. Delicate red fruit the British grow in their gardens. (9)

13. In the UK it’s usually too cold for southern Italians to swim in. (3)

14. You may be asked for one if you pay by credit card. (9)



1. Cotton cover your head comes into contact with while you sleep. (6,4)

2. Your uovo sodo will probably be served in one. (3,3)

3. There are plenty on the roads to help you navigate. (5)

4. The waiter will use one to open your bottle of wine. (9)

5. An alternative to eating in a restaurant. (8)

8. They are useful to drink through when you’re travelling. (6)

10. You’ll need one to eat your soup. (5)

12. The back part of a train, plane or car. (4)



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